CatholicCare is a service of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and comes under the pastoral care and authority of the bishop.

The bishop is assisted by a Council which advises on operational, financial and governance matters.

A Brief History

Four women in Sydney had a dream. In 1940 they dreamed that the poor and anyone in distress could receive professional care from the Church. Norma Parker, Elvira Lyons, Constance Moffitt and Eileen Davidson set about making their dream a reality. They wrote to the archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Gilroy, suggesting that a Catholic Welfare organisation be established. As a result the organisation which would become CatholicCare saw the light of day. When Parramatta became a diocese in 1986, the organisation, then called Centacare Parramatta was born. It then became CatholicCare Parramatta and in 2017 was renamed CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.