From Springwood Drop-In Centre – Josh’s Story

29 August 2018

I was diagnosed with autism at age two and a half, I was in an autistic school straight after that. They recently found out that Alexander The Great was autistic himself, so that was pretty astonishing to know that someone who had changed history had the same issue that I have. I’m trying to move…

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Bringing Up Great Kids

27 August 2018

Family Relationship Services were invited to run the Bringing Up Great Kids parenting course at Hilltop Public School in Merrylands this year. Ruby Chan and Nassi Tofigh are shown here with second parenting group run at Hilltop in August 2018. One of the volunteers brought the sun hats for everyone to wear. The  following feedback…

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From Springwood Drop-In Centre – Bridget’s Story

22 August 2018

It started when I was doing some sport and I hurt my left knee. My ‘friend’ hadn’t contacted me over the week that I was laid up, and that wasn’t nice of him, so I said to the girl on the switchboard, “the first blind date that rings up on Saturday night, call me!”. It…

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Horse Agistment in Western Sydney

16 August 2018

Mamre Farm at 181 Mamre Rd, Orchard Hills, welcomes horses on agistment. We offer an excellent location just off the M4, close to St Mary’s and Penrith. Mamre is an established agistment centre with over 20 horses currently enjoying a peaceful home on 85 fully fenced acres. Cost is a very reasonable $65 per week…

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From Springwood Drop-In Centre – Channa’s Story

15 August 2018

Compared to where I come from, living in Glenbrook is such a beautiful thing. There is peace, and it is natural and green, and you can walk through the bush and relax. It’s better than staying in the city because the city just has buildings and restaurants. Where I come from, it’s a really small…

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From Springwood Drop-In Centre – Liliana’s Story

08 August 2018

I’m Liliana, I’ve lived in Springwood for around 23 years. I moved to the city after a little while because I had a young child and I’d given up a job, and there’s only so many playgroups I could go to! But I moved back to Springwood and found a really nice place to live.…

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01 August 2018

KEEPING KIDS IN MIND – POST SEPARATION PARENTING COURSE Exciting news for many of you at CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains who may have attended the inaugural training session for KKIM over 10 years ago and, also for those of you who are currently involved in running Keeping Kids in Mind and /…

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Ending Homelessness Together

01 August 2018

Homelessness Week is an annual week, coordinated by Homelessness Australia, to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face and the action needed to find solutions to this terrible situation. Homelessness is not a ‘them’ issue: it’s a ‘we’ issue. Every single one of us can do something to help those who are…

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NAIDOC Day Celebrations

10 July 2018

On Monday 9th July Aboriginal Catholic Services (ACS) Emerton held our annual NAIDOC celebration! The celebration commenced with a Welcome To Country speech by Aunty Janice Kennedy and Linda McDonald. They both introduced the theme ‘Because of her, we can’. This theme is based on the achievements of Indigenous women all over Australia. It helps to…

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Foundation Day for South Sudan

09 July 2018

Today 9 July is the anniversary of the creation of South Sudan and Australia and Catholic Care has several connections with South Sudan, the youngest country in the world. In 2005, when it was founded, the people were full of hope. Today that hope has taken a battering through civil war and corruption. There is…

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