Supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Diocese of Parramatta through comprehensive and culturally appropriate programs designed to help contribute to their social well-being and attainment of self- sufficiency.

Aboriginal Catholic Services

ACS is a drop-in centre conceived by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people in Emerton.

A range of support is available at the centre including help with domestic violence, health clinics, working with people in prisons, mentor early release ex-prisoners and people on probation and parole.

Many of CatholicCare counselling services – individual, family, financial, problem gambling – are also offered in the Emerton centre.

Activity Groups include: Cooking with Culture, Addiction and Wellbeing group; - Young Mums group, Arts and Craft 10.00am-12.30pm.


Financial Counselling

Financial Counselling provides support, information, and advocacy to enable people in situations of financial difficulty to develop the understanding, skills, knowledge and confidence to explore their options and return to a situation of financial sustainability.

Financial counselling is a free and confidential service. The financial counsellors are professionals who have an extensive knowledge of a range of areas of law and policy, including consumer credit law, debt enforcement practices, the bankruptcy regime, industry hardship policies and government concession frameworks.

From time to time, many people find themselves struggling to buy food, pay the rent or mortgage and can be juggling numerous debts. If you’re in this situation, a financial counsellor can help you understand your options so that you can get back on your feet. Financial counselling and consumer education can help you:

  • To review your budget and assist with putting together a moneyplan that builds capacity to live within your means;
  • Understand consumer issues such as consumer rights, provision of service related to utilities and information about hardship arrangements
  • With advocacy and negotiations with creditors and other organisations;
  • To complete or respond to legal or court documents;
  • Provide information about insolvency and bankruptcy.

Knowing that times of financial difficulty can put great stress on individuals and family, financial counsellors are specially trained in counselling skills to listen and explore with clients their current circumstances and to look forward and improve situations with goal setting and skill-building to generate awareness of longer term capabilities and outcomes.

Financial literacy workshops and consumer education sessions can also be arranged for groups at schools, medical centres, libraries and community service locations. Please contact us for more information about the group education sessions.

Where: 254 Luxford Road, Emerton
Contact: (02) 9628 0084