Easter , what does it mean?

Easter , what does it mean?

Just as the retail sector does not whip up the same shopping frenzy for Easter as it does for Christmas, so many Catholics do get as excited about Easter as they do about Christmas. Why is this? After all Easter is the biggest feast in Christianity so why the difference.

Is it because it is easier to focus on a new baby than to focus on the cross? Does Baby Jesus draw on the heartstrings more than the adult Christ on the cross? Is the crucifixion just too difficult to get our heads around?

If the answer is yes, then aren’t we missing out on the whole point of Easter! The great theme of Easter is life symbolised by light. The short sentence in the Gospel of Luke captures it: ‘ Why do you look for Jesus among the dead: he is risen’. We celebrate the passage of Jesus from death to life and the promise of our own passage from death to life.

In the first centuries of the church, when people died, you said they have ’migrated’ passed from an earthly existence to the eternal embrace of God, from one state of being to a new state of being in God. This is the promise of Easter. It is why Jesus was born.

Let us walk in the light!