Ending Homelessness Together

Ending Homelessness Together

Homelessness Week is an annual week, coordinated by Homelessness Australia, to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face and the action needed to find solutions to this terrible situation.

Homelessness is not a ‘them’ issue: it’s a ‘we’ issue. Every single one of us can do something to help those who are homeless and to create a society in which homelessness is no longer. This is the theme of this year’s Homelessness Week, ‘ending homelessness together.’

As many of our fellow citizens have discovered, it can be a very short step from losing their jobs to answering the door to the bailiffs and finding themselves evicted. Have they done anything wrong? No, they have become unemployed.

The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Social Justice Statement for 2018–19 is titled A Place to Call Home: Making a home for everyone in our land.It confronts the growing challenge of homelessness and housing insecurity in Australia.

The latest Census figures show that more than 116,000 Australians are homeless – something unacceptable for a rich and well-resourced nation like ours. Yet these people are only the tip of the iceberg: welfare agencies report growing numbers of families and individuals struggling to meet the cost of mortgages or rents and turning to specialist housing services, which are often unable to meet demand.

Houses to Homes is a Specialist Homelessness Service that provides support and empowers young mothers to break the cycle of homelessness. Pregnant girls and young mothers are supported in transitional housing and assisted towards longer term stable housing. Case management support is provided for access to parenting skills and living skills, employment, education, empowerment for independent living and accessing community resources. Houses to Homes supports and houses homeless young mothers and their babies and children and also visits and supports young mothers and their children who are living in the community and are at risk of homelessness.

Individuals, parishes, organisations, charities, governments – we can all do something. Homelessness Australia suggests that we ‘get active as citizens to call on political leaders to make the changes needed to end homelessness.’

Most know that if enough people make respectful but determined representation to our members of parliament, they will listen.

Each one of us can make a difference and, when we join with others, we can be a real force for change that ensures everyone has a place to call home.

You can find the campaign at www.everybodyshome.com.au on Twitter at @_everybodyshome and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EverybodysHomeCampaign/.

For more information or to register your event, please go to: https://www.homelessnessaustralia.org.au/campaigns/homelessness-week-2018