Last week we celebrated NAIDOC week and CatholicCare had its celebration at Aboriginal Catholic Services Emerton with cultural activities including music, song and dance.

The year 2019 is being celebrated as the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages and so the theme of NAIDOC week this year was Aboriginal languages.

This theme directs our attention to the numbers of languages that are being lost in the world. It reminds us that language is not only for those who speak it but for those who do not so that we can appreciated the diversity of language and culture that makes our world go round.

Many of the services provided by CatholicCare are provided on Dharug land and our administration office is on Mamre Road, Orchard Hills, also Dharug land, so I decided to try to learn a little of the Dharug language, at least a few words.

Where to go? When in doubt try Google and up pops three short video clips featuring Aunty Jacinta Tobin teaching some Aboriginal words and phrases.

In thirty seconds you can learn how to say:

Hello – Warímí

How are you? – Nganí

The reply to Nganí if you feeling well is budaryí, and if you’re not it’s wírí.

By watching the video clip, you learn how to pronounce them too!

Give it a go!


by Sr Vivienne Keely (Executive Director)